Hello! My name is Catherine Smith, and I am One Hangry Millennial!

Originally from Florida, I now live in Virginia while I pursue my medical doctorate.

I call myself an MD student by day, and a foodie by night, but to be honest, I’m always either cooking, eating, or thinking about food. Medical school is certainly challenging and keeps me busy. However, cooking is my passion and is truly an outlet for me in the midst of a hectic schedule.

I decided to make my health a paramount priority in my life around the time that I was graduating from the University of South Florida. It all started with a casual 21-day vegan cleanse, which turned into me following a strict vegan diet for 2 years. Although I no longer follow a vegan diet, I eat primarily plant-based and aim to take cuisine back to its roots with simple, healthy recipes using real food.

A self-trained photographer, I began to share photos of my food and recipes at the request of my mom. This small hobby ultimately became my passion project, One Hangry Millennial.

My recipes are feel-good, gut healing, and realistic for college students, busy professionals, families of four, and trained chefs, alike. My lifestyle content is aimed at simplifying some of the complex innovations in the wellness space and giving an insight into my life as a medical student.

Thank you for supporting One Hangry Millennial. Please feel free to reach out!